Premium Honey

From the Heart of Aberdeen

We do not blend our honeys and you will see colour variation and taste variations in each jar you buy. That is why our honey is loved by so many.


Without the Knowledge

We provide fully managed colonies on your property.  After every honey harvest you are given all the honey from your personal colonies.  

Eco Impact

Honey Bees are disappearing.

If these little insects that help provide so much of the food we eat were to vanish, what would we do without them?

Bee Swarm Removal

Swarm re-homed and set to work

Given the difficulties faced by all bees including honey bees, we need to take care to preserve the ones we have.


Aberdeen City Apiaries




bees families


km² of Urban Coverage

Did you know?

Pure Honey

Did you know that honey will never go bad?
Or that it comes in many natural flavors?

Well, both of these facts are true. You still need to be careful when purchasing honey, though. A lot of the honey you buy from the stores have actually been cut with Karo syrup in order to make the honey go a little further.

So when possible, buy your honey local.



Useful properties of honey

  • regulates metabolic processes
  • increases immunity
  • honey improves blood composition
  • helps to cope with insomnia
  • gives energy to the body, restores strength
Local Aberdeen Honey from the heart of our City

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Our Bees

How we produce our honey

Making honey is a complex and unique process and is produced in several stages

Bees put a ton of work into creating honey and we’re fortunate to be able to enjoy it.

Here are the details on how honey is made

01. Flowers produce nectar and attract our bees

02. Bees collect the nectar and carry it to the beehive

03. Bees seal cells with wax and honey ripens

04. We collect the product and transfer it to the packaging

What's being said about us

The Buzz


Such a great local honey company I’ve just discovered So delicious and amazing service from an easy website, great value and hand delivered today after only ordering last night! Thanks so much.


Wow - a lovely pot of honey on my doorstep! Sorry I missed you - it is fantastic - I'll definitely be telling folk about the honey! Thank you so much


Thank you so much for helping move our bird box of tree bumble bees - really glad that they can thrive for the rest of their season while we can get our fence repaired! So appreciate of the help in keeping these wonderful wee creatures doing their thing while we can get on with repairs without bothering them. Many thanks


Thank you so much for my honey delivery! I only placed the order this morning. Best honey I’ve ever tasted and will definitely be buying more

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